The year 2020 jolted everything encircling human existence, forcing us to pause, readjust and rethink. The crisis that the pandemic bestowed upon us also in turn taught us essential lessons pertaining to the environment that nurtures us and the many man-made industries which have harmed nature in more ways than one can count.

 When even the most outgoing of us were forced to remain locked indoors for days, our mindsets met with a major switch. From every grain we ate to the clothes we wore, our attention and perception of our general lifestyles changed vastly. As a result, all industries underwent a massive sea change, amongst which fashion and luxury got a major hit. It was then people started to gauge the true meaning of ‘sustainability’, almost giving the term a rebirth.

 If you are still wondering what sustainability is in its true sense, it is more of a lifestyle than just a mere choice or social media trend. A sustainable life is one where our choices meet our needs without ‘overdoing’ or ‘over-utilizing’ resources. This is a conscious effort not only towards protecting the environment but also future generations. Similarly, ‘sustainable fashion’ is all about making the right choices and investing in pieces that have a long shelf-life, and are good for the planet and the people involved in the production process, making it ethical as well.

 How does Detales' collection 'Shades of Green' incorporate & embody Sustainability?


Sustainability was called upon and became a significant part of the fashion industry post-pandemic when the difficult times constrained us to a life of minimalism. This new, modest lifestyle deprived us of luxuries, making us thankful for the basic necessities to sustain and live healthily. But as they say, “there is always order in chaos," and so amidst such turbulent times, team Detales came up with the idea for their very first collection, Shades of Green’! The driving idea behind this range is sustainability and consciousness, which fluently blends with futuristic design and gives birth to timelessly stylish pieces. The focus of the collection is on the mantra of- ‘less is more’. ‘Shades of Green' is a deep dive into the many shades of Mother Nature which echoes Detales' design philosophy of minimalism while promoting slow fashion. Earthy and soothing tones, along with clean cuts, sharp structures, and intriguing details, are what define the ‘Shades of Green’ range. Every single piece is crafted with the utmost care, fostering their ‘less-wastage’ model.


                          Women's Drawstring Shirt Dress

 But why such an in-depth focus on Colours? What role do Colours play in Fashion?

 Detales does not merely focus on making clothes that sell; it is the fundamentals of the human mind that the brand takes into consideration with its careful usage of colors.

The in-depth employment of shades is because colors play a vital role in not only enhancing the design but also in influencing and reflecting human emotions! They have a unique property that allows them to reflect their aura on our moods. Simply said, you must be familiar with reaching out for black or grey while you are sulking or mourning (at most times without even realizing it!). However, on your happy days, you consciously opt for vibrant colors that reflect the joyous mood. Colors have the power to evoke and communicate human feelings and psychology, like no other!


From pastels and gelato shades for summers to deep plum shades for the winters- colors tell tales and stories of people, place, and time- just like we do at Detales! It can be said that colors in fashion are more than just fads; they say a lot about our state of mind. The spectrum of hues featured in the first collection is more than just  ‘Shades of Green’- they tell a story of adapting a slow and minimalistic life in style!


Our Collection  designed using eco-friendly fabrics and patterned into smart, innovative silhouettes to suit all body types. The range conveys feelings of timeless elegance, featuring styles that are transeasonal. The serene earthy tones instigate feelings of calmness, tranquility, and rejuvenating energy that soothes the mind, and the soul!



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