Going in suited for that boss lady corporate captain moment and leaving as the one who surely will steal the shine-of-the-party is the way to go! One question which might be popping up in your head is how to even get there?

Well, the answer is fashionably simple! Accessorising and pairing, acing these two skills changes the whole dressing game around in your favor! Having that capsule closet to mix, match and rotate your fits to mould into your favorite looks!

2 piece and 3 piece Co ord Dresses

For the transition to go smoothly the first thing is to choose your base over which you'll be layering, accessorizing and creating separate looks with. Few staple items that one must have in their timeless, long-lasting closet can be that synched black dress, a well-fitted or oversized Two piece suit, a semi-formal dress along with obviously our basics being jeans and a white top.

Second and the game changer remains, using rightful accessories to coordinate with the fit. Lastly, the pair of footwear you choose makes a huge difference too. Wearing sneakers with a dress or suit is dressing you down whereas striding through in heels will give a versatile appearance! A two-piece and three-piece co-ord set can create a fabulous fit for a work-filled day to the moment of sipping on drinks and effortlessly turning heads. Accessorizing it with some chunky gold rings, eye catching earrings and necklaces transforms the whole look, which might end up shocking you too.

Similarly for a semi formal dress, for the office look minimal accessories give a graceful look and contrasting to that adding on a few pieces or layering it can give a statement making look!

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