• Cut down the pollution

  • Don't shy away from repeating those pieces

  • Having staples changes the game

  • Having the capsule wardrobe to work with as a base

  • Investing in high cost pieces which are versatile freedom

  • Sustainable is the biggest player in the fashion game

  • Buy less buy better

  • Thrift culture

  • Invest in sustainable brands

  • Take care of your clothes properly to prevent throwing out clothes heavily

  • Water wastage, vegan fashion

  • Positive impact



Often conversations brew up about various trends over what we are wearing, even about what is outdated amongst all the pieces that we own but the most talked about remains the conscious clothing which ultimately leads to promoting sustainability. ‘Buy less but buy better’ looking into quality with the freedom of versatility is the factor necessary for your successfully curated wardrobe. Have you heard about ‘Save money, live better!’ well this is the new mantra to lead our sustainable and glammed world! Yes the myth exists that buying a lot of pieces all together disregarding its quality is the way to be but one important thing which we forget to give a thought about is how quickly those pieces wither off leading us to invest in much more than we anticipate. Did you know that we are consuming 400% more clothing than people 20 years ago? with this shocking fact we need to take up the responsibility and surely need to get things in our hands and turn this situation around.


With upcoming conscious clothing, thrift culture is also on rise to help things around. We can even thrift our own clothes and make multiple and new-like outfits with the staples we might be owning. One pair of pants can be worn in multiple ways, even that one top, blazer or dress that might be hanging in your wardrobe can be used to make fits depending on the occasion. Purchasing pieces from sustainable and vegan brands help in creating a positive impact on the environment and even on our pockets. Another factor which remains necessary is how we take care of those much loved and adored pieces for us to prevent throwing away a large chunk of clothing.

June 14, 2023

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