Shades Of You
Minimal | Homegrown | Timeless

Detales can be interpreted as stories - or tales - tailored just for you! In 2020, in the world’s fashion capital Milan, Janvi Gandhi, an emerging designer, and Trishanu Paul, a passionate entrepreneur, saw an opportunity amidst the pandemic to create a luxury fashion brand that is a destination for storytelling through thoughtful design.

The question of “What if?” sparked the creative journey of Detales. What if there was a brand that launches an entire season’s collection in only one colour? What if there was a brand that explored the endless tales that every shade had to tell?

So, together, the dynamic duo vows to answer these questions with pieces that are timeless yet wildly modern, and truly investment-worthy. Individually, they bring in their own take, owing to their distinct professional trajectories.

Visual Vision OR Signature Detales

The perfect ‘fit’ isn’t just limited to sizing and silhouettes, and extends to colour, pattern and overall aesthetic. We know and believe that every colour poses endless possibilities. In a sea of varying hues, tones, intensities and tints, there is always that one shade that is just right for YOU.

With an entire spectrum of colours at our disposal, our collections represent a wide range of the same shade, bringing you one step closer to finding the perfect hue for you. We do this through elevated basics and elegant occasion wear, meticulously tailored to fit you like a glove!

At Detales, we also believe in a wardrobe that transcends runway trends and seasons alike - and our hero pieces are a testament to the same. They’re ever-relevant and ever-appealing, so you can reach for them over and over again, no matter how much time has passed.

What The Brand Believes

Fostering a vision to create pieces that are timeless, urban, and noteworthy, minimalism is at the core of the design philosophy at Detales. We believe in ‘less is more’, making only a handful of exclusive styles that further strengthen our sustainability and conscious production values.

Made To Order

Keeping in mind our aim to create a sustainable, less-wastage model, we offer made-to-order pieces that are completely handmade and sewn together adhering to each one of our client's needs.

Pick your desired garment from our collection, and let us know if you’d like us to make it to your measurements. Once done, we’ll ensure the right fit through one or two fittings that are highly personalized and add a premium touch to your shopping experience.

Tell your unique story through shades and silhouettes that present your true self to the world with Detales!


Meet the Designers


Trishanu’s Story

Marketing brings Trishanu’s inner artist to life, who blends his passion for the field with his love for all things luxury! It’s also why he’s committed to playing his part in this large, complex, creative, and ever-flourishing industry.

“A lot of my understanding of timeless, heritage prices with unique craftsmanship and the value it adds to a buyer's life, is what motivates me to go about my work,” shares Trishanu.

He has spent years helping purpose-driven brands in bringing big ideas to life and unlock their full potential, further expanding his horizons, every day.


Janvi’s Story

The creative energy at Detales is driven by Janvi Gandhi, a N.I.F.T. graduate. Her adoration for timeless pieces and elevated basics builds the design foundation of the brand, lending it an individualistic appeal.

“I didn’t want just another brand in the industry. I wanted this one to have a unique identity. I am really interested in the endless possibilities each colour has to offer,” shares Janvi.

Each collection reflects her love of colour, travel, and attention to detail. Timeless and versatile clothing and accessories that epitomize classic chic international style encapsulate her signature aesthetic.